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Value is about figuring out if something is worth more than what you’re paying for it. In finance, when people talk about value, they’re trying to figure out if an investment, like a stock or a company, is a good deal or not. They look at aspects like how much money the investment might make in the future, how strong the company is and what other people may be willing to pay for it. If a company is making lots of profits and growing fast, the stock might be considered valuable. This means you might be willing to pay more for it because you think it has the potential to make you more money in the long run. Just like you want to get a good deal when you shop, investors want to find investments that they believe will give them good value for their money. Intangible assets are valuable because they possess qualities that can contribute to a company’s success. The value of these assets, such as IP, brand reputation, customer relationships and innovations, can give a company a more comprehensive understanding of its overall worth and financial health. Recognising the value of intangible assets is important for attracting investors, securing funding and negotiating deals in M&A since intangible assets can deeply impact the perceived attractiveness of a company.