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EverEdge would like to congratulate Robyn and Wim and all the team at Designerscope on the successful launch of their product at the world’s leading furniture hardware trade fair, Interzum 2017, in Cologne, Germany.

 Commencing with no more than a frustration at the difficulty of cabinetry install, the team at Designerscope set about producing a more efficient cabinetry levelling system. Great product design, a solid portfolio of intangible assets and an attention to detail allowed Designerscope to approach Hafele, a global specialist in furniture hardware and fittings, with a proposition of a licence.

We doubt the team at Designerscope envisioned quite how much work would go into securing an agreement for global manufacture and marketing but with the deal concluded, the team have finally seen the vision become a reality.

 The AXILO™ Cabinet Leveling System was extremely well received on its first showing leading to a happy licensee and licensor.

 EverEdge was engaged early in the process and assisted with reviewing and setting the protection strategy, commercial strategy to identify targets and licensing strategy through the negotiations.

The success of this venture demonstrates the importance of seeking good advice. Supported throughout by EverEdge, AJ Park, Callaghan Innovation and NZTE, Designerscope have achieved what many seek but few obtain. A workable deal that shows every promise of being profitable for all parties.

EverEdge would particularly like to acknowledge the sheer perseverance shown by Robyn and Wim throughout the entire commercialisation process. This is a shining example of how innovators can succeed when supported on all sides by professional advice.

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