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At EverEdge the reason we exist is to ensure our clients succeed. Below are links showcasing some of the fantastic work of a few of our clients over the past several weeks.

  • Pultron, a global leader in high value manufacturing construction composites based in Gisborne (New Zealand), signed a major joint venture deal with Fortune 500 company Owens Corning [NYSE:OC].  EverEdge has worked with Pultron over multiple engagements since 2014, helping the Pultron team to identify, articulate, scale, and unlock value in Pultron’s intangible assets.
    The joint venture by which Pultron will supply world leading technology to Owens Corning will help both companies deliver next generation solutions into the market. To read more about this transaction, click here.
  • uHoo, a climate technology company and a client of EverEdge’s valuation services, signed a partnership agreement with Pi Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Philippine Holdings Corp. to integrate energy and anti-indoor polluting services. To read more about this transaction, click here.
  • EverEdge client Dalligent, an AI development company and the owner of the KUPU AI job matching app, is achieving success through the work it is doing to reinvent the way labour is sourced in Indonesia.  To read more about how KUPU’s innovative approach to recruitment in Indonesia is changing the face of recruitment, click here.
  • Congratulations to long-term EverEdge client Otsaw Digital, who this month shared its plans to list on the Nasdaq as it opened a new, state-of-the-art global headquarters at JTC Space in Tampines North. With the opening of its new facility, the company will be able to boost its manufacturing capacity five-fold to 100 robots a month. With the Covid pandemic accelerating the shift in many industries to robotics and automation, read more about the work that Otsaw Digital are doing in these articles here or here.
  • This fantastic profile of Farizan d’Avezac De Moran, founder of sustainable building company GreenA Consultants, is well worth a read. Highlighting how innovation is helping drive more sustainable building practices, you can check out this in-depth profile of Farizan and GreenA Consultants mission here.

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