EverEdge ranks in top 500 fastest growing firms in APAC

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Intangible asset specialist EverEdge Global has again been recognised as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Asia-Pacific Region by The Financial Times (FT). 

EverEdge Global jumped an impressive 119 places to number 374 in the High-Growth Companies Asia Pacific 2023 index. 

The list showcases the top 500 firms in the Asia Pacific region that demonstrated noteworthy revenue growth between 2018 and 2021. 

The 5th edition of the ranking was released on March 15 after months of research, public calls for participation, intensive database research and directly contacting tens of thousands of companies. 

EverEdge Global lifted its place in the ranking by registering a compound average growth rate (CAGR) of 29% and an absolute growth rate of 114.5%.  

The company also generated about $5 million in revenue for the 2021 financial year – up from $1.83 million in 2018. 

EverEdge Global chief executive Paul Adams said the company’s rapid climb up the list is a result of the excellent work of the team that is based across Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the US. 

“This is a fantastic recognition of the efforts of our people and the quality of the work we do for our clients,” he said. 

Adams added that the firm’s speedy growth reflected the healthy business environment of the Asia Pacific region as companies quickly scale in size and recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The FT ranking, which showcases industries experiencing rapid revenue growth, is mostly comprised of technology-related companies. EverEdge was one of the few management services across the entire Asia Pacific region to be included in the list. 

The companies featured in the list are deemed to be innovative, fast-growing and making a significant impact in their respective industries. 


About EverEdge Global 

EverEdge is a global intangible asset advisory, valuation and corporate finance specialist. Intangible assets account for 90% of all company value. EverEdge helps companies and investors unlock the value of intangible assets and reduce intangible asset risk. Founded in 2007, EverEdge has successfully completed over 2500 client engagements across the United States, Europe, Asia and Australasia and has generated an average return on fees of 10X. 

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