EverEdge Staff Spotlight: Dean Prebble

Dean Prebble

In this Staff Spotlight video, join Dean Prebble, the Director of Business Development based in New Zealand, as he delves into the captivating world of intangible assets and their profound impact on business strategy and valuation.

Drawing from his experience at EverEdge over a decade ago and reflecting on the present, Dean unveils the transformative journey of intangible assets.

1:03 – Discover how these assets can unlock a plethora of strategic options, propelling businesses towards unprecedented growth and resilience.

1:55  – Gain insights into real-life success stories where intangible assets have played a pivotal role in rescuing distressed companies, and

2:45 – learn how they can empower businesses to expand their service portfolios, harnessing new avenues for profitability.



You can find Dean’s biography here

Below you can find some of Dean’s recent articles:

SimCity: How cities can leverage their intangible assets

How Intangible Assets Can Boost The Primary Sector 


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