EverEdge advises on the sale of Railblaza and NTD Plastics to Oriens Capital

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EverEdge Global is proud to have advised the shareholders of Railblaza Limited and NTD Plastics Limited on the sale of these two entities to a newly created group called Nautical Group Holdings Limited. The Group is owned 68% by Oriens Capital’s Fund 2, with the balance owned by the founder, Ross Pratt and two existing senior staff.

  • Railblaza, based in Auckland, was founded in 2010 and is a leading international player in marine and paddle sports accessories. Its product range includes kayak carts, rod holders and a range of mounts sold under the Railblaza and C-Tug brands.
  • NTD, based in Napier, operates a high-quality injection moulding facility and is one of only a handful of manufacturers in New Zealand to offer both integrated toolmaking and injection moulding services to customers.

Commenting on the transaction, EverEdge Head of Transactions Craig Margolius said “EverEdge is extremely proud to have advised the shareholders of Railblaza and NTD Plastics in the lead-up to, and throughout this, acquisition. Ross and his team recognised that a significant amount of their business value and competitive edge was driven by intangible assets but were unsure how to fully leverage these assets. EverEdge worked alongside the management teams to develop a clear path to realising the value of these assets in the sale process.”

“Throughout the sale process, we focused on finding the right acquirers for the business. We then clearly articulated the value of Railblaza and NTD’s strong intangible asset portfolio (such as brand, networks, and product designs) and the scalability of these assets to these potential acquirers. We congratulate Oriens Capital, Ross and his team on this successful transaction and look forward to seeing the continued growth of the business.”

More information on this transaction can be found here.

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