Vincent Tobkin Joins The Board Of EverEdge


EverEdge is very excited to announce that senior US director, Vincent Tobkin, has joined the Board of EverEdge.

Vince has an extensive track record in global management consulting and venture capital. Vince was a Partner of McKinsey & Co. and a leader of the firm’s High Technology practice, working between San Francisco, Tokyo and New York.

Leaving McKinsey, Vince was a Founding General Partner of Sierra Ventures, a major Silicon Valley based venture capital firm.

Companies Sierra Ventures founded that IPO’ed include Stratacom (NASDAQ), Centex Telemanagement (NASDAQ), On Assignment (NASDAQ:ASGM), Net Mover (NASDAQ), and Advanced Technology Materials (NASDAQ:ATMI).

After Sierra Ventures he joined Bain and Co where he co-led the Tech and Telecom Practice of Bain & Co globally for 19 years and founded and started two of Bain’s other major industry practices: Cruise Lines and North American Utilities.

He holds a JD and MBA (with Distinction) from Harvard Business School and two degrees in Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Vince’s experience in management consulting and venture capital, his reputation and achievements and his networks and relationships are globally recognised. Having Vince join the EverEdge Board is a recognition of the growth we have achieved to date but also the significant value we are delivering to our clients across four geographies. In joining EverEdge Vince said: “I am impressed by what the EverEdge team have created: they have identified a truly global market opportunity and are pursuing it in a clear, professional and disciplined manner. They have attracted an enviable clientele and I look forward to working with them to achieve global success.”

We are looking forward to Vince deploying his formidable knowledge in management consulting and venture capital to continue to accelerate EverEdge’s value creation for its clients.

Kind Regards,
Paul Adams
Global CEO

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