Craig Margolius to Join EverEdge, as Company Continues to Experience Strong Growth

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On the back of another year of strong growth, EverEdge has appointed Craig Margolius as a Senior Manager. With a background in corporate finance and commercial management, Craig will work with EverEdge clients to help them unlock their competitive edge by identifying, valuing and monetising their intangible assets.

Paul Adams, CEO of EverEdge, said “Today intangible assets account for more than 87% of company value and Boards and Management Teams are slowly starting to recognise the importance these assets have in driving profitability and growth. Craig brings more than 15 years of corporate finance experience across a broad range of sectors, that blended with his understanding of this critical asset class will be of drive material value to our clients. His appointment is one of six new hires who have joined our business over the past four months, with additional roles also currently under recruitment across our offices as we continue to expand our presence in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.”

Craig joins EverEdge from a Vice President role at Rank Group Limited where he was responsible for operational data analysis and post-acquisition process improvement across the group’s investments including strategy formulation and implementation. Prior to this, Craig worked locally for Foodstuffs New Zealand where he was responsible for more than $500 million worth of store ownership sales and funding. International experience includes various roles for Purple Group Limited as a corporate financier, portfolio manager and the Head of Operations of the group, where he was responsible for the various verticals including execution, trading, risk management and funding instrument design.

Craig will primarily be based in EverEdge’s Auckland office and will support clients with services including:

  • Intangible asset audit, strategy, analysis and review
  • Licensing negotiations and deal preparation
  • Development of risk mitigation strategies
  • Intangible asset policy and process
  • Monetisation and commercialisation strategies

Craig added, “Over the last several years, I’ve noticed that many companies are missing out on significant opportunities by not effectively leveraging their intangible assets as well as exposing themselves to significant risks. I’m excited to join EverEdge as it continues to expand, and am looking forward to helping our clients to more effectively identify and commercialise their intangible assets to drive growth and improve shareholder value.”

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