The Relationship Between ESG and Company Value

Whether it’s a commitment to net-zero emissions, ethical procurement and supply chains, or accurate and transparent financial reporting; most environmental, social and [corporate] governance (ESG) initiatives have the potential to build or destroy value in an organisation.

Across Asia-Pacific, impact investors right through to modern consumers (especially Generation Y & Z) expect more from their brands than just a good product or service. They like to feel that they are part of a movement, or part of something that is trying to make a difference. Google’s former motto of “Don’t be evil” and Alphabet’s “Do the right thing” encapsulate that zeitgeist. While ESG is not an asset in itself that can hold value, the individual initiatives taken under this broad heading have the potential to enhance, or indeed diminish, company value.

In this recent webinar, Paul Davies, Managing Director at global intangible asset advisory firm EverEdge; Ipshita Chaturvedi, Partner at leading law firm Dentons Rodyk; and Akiva Bonnick, Environmental and Social Manager at Berkeley Energy, share insights, case studies and practical advice on the relationship between ESG and company value.

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