EverEdge Team Recognized as World’s Leading Intellectual Property Strategists


EverEdge’s CEO, Paul Adams, and Head of Strategy, Paul Davies, have been named among the world’s elite intellectual property strategists in the 2019 IAM Strategy 300 rankings.

This will be the 7th and 5th years respectively that the two have been acknowledged in the rankings, feats never achieved by any New Zealander and which will officially be released in June at the IPBC Global Conference in Boston. 

Josh Wild, editor of Intellectual Asset Magazine, the industry’s premier publication says “the unique research process behind the Strategy 300 identifies those consultants, intermediaries and financiers, as well as lawyers and attorneys, whose primary expertise is to assist intellectual property owners to increase the value of their rights portfolios,”.

“Those ranked have gone through a detailed selection process, taking into account the views of leading figures in the world of corporate IP, as well as the wider IP community. No-one can buy their way in to the IAM Strategy 300 – inclusion is based solely on our thorough and unbiased research. Those included represent the definitive list of the world’s leading IP strategists, according to the subjective opinion of the IAM research team.”

Commenting on the recognition Paul Adams, CEO of EverEdge Global, added “Paul Davies and I are proud to have once again been acknowledged in this year’s IAM Strategy 300 rankings. This recognition caps off another 12-months of strong growth for EverEdge, which has seen our continued expansion in Australia and Singapore – where our exclusive Alliance with the Singapore Government’s IP Value Lab is now in its third year.

“Today, intangible assets are the key driver of growth and profitability. Through our valuations, we have helped our clients to successfully raise more than US$1 billion in capital, while our intangible asset management and commercialization strategies have assisted our clients to identify and unlock significant value from their assets. Understanding how to leverage these assets can often be the difference between success and failure for many organisations, and we are proud that our work in these areas has been acknowledged in the IAM Strategy 300 rankings.”

Further details on the IAM Strategy 300 can be found here.

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