Portfolio Potential Realized Through Sale

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Development of a solid strategy, involving asset development and a sale transaction path using commercially-targeted portfolio segments, resulting in multiple competing bidders and a 5x ROI.

The Client

An investor group purchased the corporate assets of a start-up through bankruptcy proceedings, including 30 issued patents and open applications.

These included the intangible assets relating to the startups development of a last mile wireless access system to allow broadband data and “toll” quality voice services to residential and small business customers.

The Challenge

Having not been involved in the initial development of the technology, the investor group needed advice to fully assess and value the startup’s intangible assets and what the market was for these assets, to enable successful monetization.

The EverEdge Solution

EverEdge worked closely with the client to understand the technology, the intangible assets, particularly patents, held and the market for these.

Concurrently, we researched the commercial marketplace for the technology, in order to understand when would be the optimum time to take it to market. 

We were then able to integrate all of our research and analysis to create evidence of value in the form of multiple claim charts against specific commercial products and technical standards. This effort was supplemented with a detailed sales offering and focused business case packages.

We worked with a subset of our buyer network to understand their needs and appetites for the assets, and to further develop a broader list of worldwide buyers. These initial buyer discussions led to us being able to refine the sales approach and recommend a strategy where the five segments with the most marketplace appeal were broken out and customized to best match the likely buyer profiles.

We then worked one-on-one with serious buyers to show them the impact and value proposition for how they could realise quantifiable benefits through ownership of each separate segment of the portfolio.

The Result

EverEdge provided the client with a solid strategy, asset development and sale transaction path that was based on commercially-targeted portfolio segments and bringing multiple competing bidders to the table. 

The integration of extensive analysis gave the client the comfort that that it would realise the maximum return feasible from a sale strategy option.

The client was able to monetize the full potential of the mobility intangible assets it had acquired. Ultimately the client generated a 5X return on its investment, which outstripped all expectations.

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