In working with Everedge, great insights were realised in terms of intellectual property awareness and the importance of brand-development, from both a strategic and tactical perspective…but perhaps most benefit was derived from working through the steps we could practically undertake to significantly strengthen our intellectual property and brand assets.
Everedge’s workshop-style presentations, complete with robust Q&A debate, proved to be an ideal format for engaging our leadership team, providing both a visual and hands-on education on intellectual-property and brand-strategy as it related to our operations. The resulting risk-strategy-actions worksheets and roadmap provided an easy to understand visualization of where we are currently and what we needed to do next.
Everedge’s continued commitment to work with our team as the intellectual-property and brand-strategy journey has progressed is a valuable component of the programme. Ongoing access to specialist resource and advice, on an as-needed basis, especially as it relates to the more technical aspects of intellectual property, is additionally beneficial and is particularly relevant to our needs.
We would encourage all organisations to undertake the EverEdge IP programmeme, either to become familiar with intellectual-property and brand-strategy matters or as a refresher and catalyst to facilitate the ongoing enhancement of intellectual-property and brand-strategy capabilities within the organisation”.


CEO, Medium-sized Software Company

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