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Confidential Information

Confidential information is a valuable intangible asset for companies. It might include anything from trade secrets, customer data, financial information and proprietary technology. Knowing something other people don’t provides a competitive advantage by aiding leadership in making better decisions, helping to improve product functionality and creating a unique market position. Companies create confidential information through research, technology investments and gathering data on customer relationships. It is crucial to protect this information and keep it confidential, a task which first requires a company to locate and understand what confidential information it might have. Three examples of companies leveraging confidential information are Coca-Cola, guarding its soft drink recipe for over a century; Google, investing in proprietary search algorithms; and Tesla, developing best-in-class electric vehicle battery technology. These companies illustrate how safeguarding and deploying confidential information contribute to market success and deeper intangible asset value. Prioritising the creation and protection of confidential information enhances a company’s potential for sustained success.