EverEdge Global announces appointment of Senior Valuations Specialist, Nicolas Konialidis


EverEdge Global today announced the appointment of Nicolas Konialidis as Senior Manager – Valuations. Based in EverEdge’s Singapore office, Nicolas’ experience adds additional depth and breadth to the company’s valuation and transactions team. 

Paul Adams, CEO of EverEdge, said “Nicolas brings more than 25-years of corporate finance experience to our valuation and transactions team.  He has a reputation for delivering market-leading valuation and divestment processes for his clients across multiple markets and sectors. We are exceptionally please to have Nicolas join our team and look forward to introducing him to our clients.”     

Prior to joining EverEdge, Nicolas was the Managing Director of Tainaros Capital Pte Ltd in Singapore, where he led the Investor Relations & Corporate Finance (M&A) division. In this role, he was central to leading the sales process to potential investors on many significant market transactions. He also directed the firm’s research division to ensure his clients had access to analysis on macro market trends and competitor peer groups in order to enable better decision-making for shareholder value maximization.  

Before that, Nicolas accumulated sixteen years’ experience in Equity Capital Markets in Paris, London, New York and San Francisco in an array of functions from trading to Institutional sales for firms such as SE Banken, Credit Agricole and Sanford C. Bernstein.

Nicolas added, “Understanding what assets are driving profitability is key in any valuation or transaction. EverEdge has a reputation for utilizing cutting edge valuation techniques that enable its clients to capture the true value of their intangible assets – assets that are typically absent, mispriced or under-valued on balance sheets. As a result, significant intangible value remains unrealised or unknown, which in a transaction scenario can leave millions of dollars in unrealised value on the table.   

“EverEdge’s capability in recognizing intangible asset value on behalf of its clients is one of the core reasons I’ve joined the business. I’m looking forward to working with the team to maximize value and outcomes for our clients, and on bringing my experience in scenario analysis and game theory to the table too.”

Within his role, Nicolas will also work closely alongside EverEdge’s alliance partner IP ValueLab to help Singaporean companies unlock the value of their intangible assets through customized advisory services and the EverEdge suite of intangible asset management tools.

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