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Harness the power of intangible assets

Intangible assets are critically important… but poorly understood.

Today, intangible assets account for over 90% of all enterprise value. They are the primary driver of company profitability and growth and are the most important assets most companies own. Intangible assets are what make your business special - they are your competitive edge.

EverEdge’s Foundation™ Program will help you leverage the power of your intangible assets to increase enterprise value, drive growth and reduce risk and cost.

Intangible Assets Are Your Competitive Edge

Most businesses have valuable intangible assets including:

  • Manufacturing know how: the knowledge of how to build a better product more efficiently and accurately
  • Brand: how people recognize your company and products versus the competition
  • Systems & Processes: how to run your business reliably and cost effectively
  • Data: information that enables you to derive better insights, faster
  • Business Models: how you make money and grow when others don’t
  • Content: unique material and marketing collateral
  • Designs: the features that separate a merely good product from a great one
  • Patents: new inventions, solutions and innovations
  • Regulatory Approvals: the right to produce or sell your product or service
  • Domain Names: your presence in the digital economy.
Intangible Assets

Accounting & Financial Reporting Largely Ignore Intangible Assets

Despite being so critical, current accounting and financial reporting standards effectively ignore intangible assets. The results of this is that, although many companies intuitively understand they have valuable intangible assets, they are unable to:

  • Identify precisely what intangible assets they own.
  • Understand how intangible assets drive their growth and profitability.
  • Recognize how to protect their intangible assets to maintain their competitive edge.
  • Appreciate the risks they are exposed to via these assets.
  • How to unlock the value of intangible assets to increase company value.

EverEdge Foundation™ Program Helps You Harness The Power Of Your Intangible Assets

The EverEdge Foundation™ program provides senior management teams with the knowledge and tools to transform their organisation’s intangible assets into commercial success, as well helping to identify ways to manage and mitigate intangible asset risk.

Led by experienced professionals, EverEdge consultants will explain important concepts, the decisions you will face, case studies of what works (and what doesn’t) and demonstrate useful tools and frameworks that have been proven to deliver results.  Our consultants then focus in on your business and how you can leverage intangible assets to help build and maintain your competitive edge.

At the conclusion of the Foundation™ Program companies will be able to answer key questions such as:

  • What are our intangible assets?
  • What are our primary intangible asset risks?
  • How we do we reduce or mitigate these risks?
  • How should we protect our intangible assets?
  • Should we file this patent or trademark?
  • What should my intangible asset strategy be?
  • How does this support my business strategy?
  • How can I ensure my intangible assets are reflected in my business’ valuation?

How Does The EverEdge Foundation™ Program work?

The Foundation™ Program is designed for senior management teams and directors. It consists of two half day (or one full day) interactive, confidential workshops followed by a comprehensive strategy report.

The report provides a step by step action plan (with prioritized action points outlining impact, resourcing and timing requirements) to implement your company’s intangible asset strategy, plus follow on support to ensure you are on track.

The time commitment from your management team is approximately 8 to 10 hours total.

Foundation™ is suitable for start ups through to $100M turn over companies or business units of larger entities.  Grants may be available from a variety of government agencies to offset the cost of the program.

Delivering Tangible Results

Companies that leverage their intangible assets typically grow faster, enjoy increased market share and margins, and outperform their peers.  Companies that fail to utilize their intangible assets frequently show declining financial performance, loss of competitive advantage and are more vulnerable to major risks such as loss of confidential information and an inability to establish chain of title to their intangible assets.

The EverEdge Foundation™ program helps companies to:

  • Improve margins, market share and pricing power by increasing competitive edge
  • Grow enterprise value by leveraging (often underutilized) intangible assets
  • Mitigate the risk of infringing third party intellectual property rights
  • Reduce loss of competitive advantage due to intangible asset theft, leakage or loss
  • Drive increased return on investment to shareholders.

Understanding intangible assets is particularly important for any company seeking to grow, entering new markets, conducting research or new product development, raising capital or preparing for exit.


Why EverEdge?

EverEdge has delivered the Foundation™ Program to more than 600 companies across the United States, Asia, Europe and Australasia with exceptional feedback. The Net Promoter Score for our Foundation Program™ is over 85% (a score over 60% is regarded as outstanding).

Following an exclusive alliance partnership with IPOS International, the expertise and enterprise engagement arm of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (ranked as the world’s most innovative Intellectual Property Office), EverEdge Foundation™ is now the standard program for intangible asset strategy in Singapore.

If you are interested in how the EverEdge Foundation™ program can help you harness the power of your intangible assets to build a competitive edge, contact us at [email protected] for a free one-hour initial consultation.

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