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A website is a group of web pages people use to access the internet. It’s like having a virtual store or office space that customers can visit to learn about your products or services, and potentially purchase them. Websites can be made for a single person, groups, businesses or organisations. They are valuable intangible assets because they use information technology to connect people, collect data and show advertisements, which can make a lot of money. All websites are essentially giant databases, including Facebook and every news site you’ve ever visited. What you put on your database is entirely up to you. A well-designed and user-friendly website can do great things to enhance your brand, credibility and customer trust. Websites are valuable intangible assets when they can be separated from other things in the business and their value can be measured. To figure out how much a website is worth, experts use different methods to estimate its value based on market trends, its assets and the income it generates.