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Singapore, Singapore - May 21, 2016: silhouette of Merlion Statue at Marina Bay against the sunrise. Merlion is a well known marketing icon of Singapore depicted.

New Zealand headquartered intangible asset specialist EverEdge expands into Asia through key cooperation with the intellectual property office in Singapore

EverEdge Global Ltd, the New Zealand headquartered, global intangible asset specialist, and IP ValueLab, a subsidiary of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), have signed an agreement to cooperate on providing strategic intellectual property and intangible asset advisory services in Singapore.

The agreement positions the locally founded, private commercialisation firm well to expand into a burgeoning intellectual property market in Asia, through its new office in Singapore – its first in Asia – joining its existing offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Asia saw the highest number of applications for patents, trademarks and industrial designs of any region in 2015, including 61.9% of patent applications worldwide.

The multi-year cooperation between EverEdge and IP ValueLab aims to support Singapore in its goal to help enterprises scale up and drive economic growth. EverEdge and IP ValueLab will work together to help Singaporean companies unlock the value of their intangible assets through customised advisory services and a suite of intangible asset management tools. These include the identification and audit of intangible assets and risks, protection commercialisation and monetisation strategies and intangible asset valuation, securitisation and financing. Intangible assets, of which IP is a key component, account for over 87% of all company value today.

Paul Adams, CEO of EverEdge Global said “Singapore is at the cutting edge internationally in its approach to commercialising intellectual property and intangible assets. IPOS was recently ranked as the second most innovative intellectual property office in the world. To be selected to partner with IP ValueLab and IPOS is a major recognition of the skills, expertise and tools EverEdge has built over the last decade.”

Singapore has consistently been ranked number one in Asia for its top-notch IP regime by the Global Innovation Index 2016 and was ranked the 6th most innovative country globally in the 2017 Bloomberg Innovation Index (New Zealand ranks 19th).

Daren Tang, CEO of IPOS and Chairman of IP ValueLab said “Singapore’s future growth lies in our ability to create value from intangible assets and intellectual property. This requires world-class commercially focused expertise. EverEdge brings a wealth of international experience and strategic expertise that is unique in this area. The EverEdge team, working with IPValueLab will help Singaporean companies to take a major step up in how they identify, create, manage and commercialise their intellectual property and intangible assets.”

Tan Shau En, Executive Director of IP ValueLab said “This cooperation combines the international reach and knowledge of EverEdge with the extensive local experience of IP ValueLab. Together, we look forward to delivering expertise, assistance and tools that will add tremendous value to companies and entrepreneurs.”


Contact CEO Paul Adams for an interview:

Paul Adams, EverEdge Global CEO
Ph: +64 9 489 2331 / Mob: +64 21 393 673 


Stephen Knightly, Pursuit PR

Mob: +64 27 4438 125

About EverEdge
EverEdge is the World’s leading intangible asset strategy firm. EverEdge works with companies to generate value from intangible assets (data, content, code, brands, design, patents and confidential information) which are the primary drivers of corporate performance and value. With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand EverEdge clients include Fortune 100 corporations, ambitious technology startups, national governments and major investors.

About IPValueLab
IPValueLab is the enterprise engagement arm of IPOS, helping businesses to compete globally through providing solutions to capture value from their intangible assets. It educates local companies and entrepreneurs on using their intangible assets to gain and sustain a competitive edge, develops industry best practices, and facilitates IP valuation and financing.

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