InnovationAus: Thriving in a Post COVID-19 World (Podcast)

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Where previously we focused on security at the perimeter, we will start to see wholesale intellectual property and data security issues underpinning the appetite for a mass shift of human knowledge workers – this means now securing intangible assets – IP and knowledge.

In this Age of Trust series, “Thriving in a Post Covid-19 World”, Managing Director of EverEdge Global Michael Masterson and Client Partner of Defence and Security for Verizon, Nathan Strong talk with InnovationAus publisher Corrie McLeod on how to value and protect data, content, confidential information, software and brands. These are now the most important assets an organisation owns, accounting for over 90% of company value today and are the primary drivers of company growth and performance.

Click on the link above to listen to this podcast, or for more in this series visit InnovationAus.

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