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Dear Reader

Welcome to our last newsletter for 2015. It’s been a great year for EverEdge: across the US, Europe and Australasia we’ve been engaged by some of the world’s largest corporates as well as ground breaking, disruptive startups.

We’ve bought on some of the most experienced and talented intellectual property and business strategists anywhere in the world and have spoken at events from New York to Sydney, from Bangkok to London. And we expect to grow at an even faster rate in 2016.

This year we did research on the role of intellectual property in companies large and small. We collated the results into this booklet and made a video about our journey. 

All over the world organisations, large and small, are realising the value and strategic importance of their intangible assets. Our role is to help clients identify, manage and maximise their returns from these assets. Its work that has never been more important. Increasingly, the value of companies lies on the invisible side of the ledger.

Enjoy the update and have a merry Christmas and a great New Year. We look forward to working together in 2016.

Upcoming events

2015 IP Dealmakers Forum, 7-8 December, New York

EverEdgeIP is co-sponsor of this groundbreaking event which connects investors with intellectual property investment information and opportunities.

Our CEO UK Dr Chris Donegan will host a full day institutional investor workshop “Investing in intellectual property” and is also a panelist on IP licencing in Europe. 

Does anyone do due diligence in venture capital?

By Chris Donegan.

In a recent Bloomberg interview, Sequoia Capital’s Chairman Michael Mortiz described venture capital as “high risk poker”.  Sequoia has an enviable (unique) track record including Apple, Oracle, Cisco, Yahoo, Google, LinkedIn and soon to be WhatsApp. Since inception in 1972 Sequoia has invested in startups that represent a stock market value, equivalent to 22% of Nasdaq.
So Michael Moritz plays poker.  A game of probability, skill and random luck.

Staff spotlight – UK CEO Dr Chris Donegan

Of Greek Cypriot/Ukrainian/Scottish/Czech origin Chris has a genetic predisposition towards creativity and curiosity. In his family are chefs, master craftsmen, engineers, priests, surgeons and seafarers.  

Meet our new Head of Operations

Welcome to our latest team member Tyler Capson who joins us in the Auckland office as Head of Operations. Hailing from the US, Tyler most recently worked in New York City as a senior management consultant for Deloitte. 

Is your innovation commercially viable?

An Intellectual Property Asset Review provides a snapshot of the intellectual property and technology landscape around a new product, service, technology or concept. It is used to determine the strength and scope of your intellectual property, a key influence on commercial viability.

We’re growing!

Do you know anyone that is interested in an exciting career with a company that is going places? We are hiring and have a number of dynamic positions available. We are currently looking for talented people in the following roles: 

EverEdge updates


EverEdge London kicked off the month with sponsorship of the London IP Summit at the LondonStock Exchange.  Moderating a panel of small and medium sized enterprises that included Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited, RecordSure, PixelGroup and Haydale Composites the discussion focused on the realities of generating business value from intangible assets in smaller companies.  

The event saw the launch of our “On the Road” video and the inaugural cross-industry dinner bringing together pioneers from software, engineering, media, life sciences and power generation to exchange ideas and share experiences.  November offered client discussions in London, Paris, Munich, Milan and Barcelona proving that the business impact of intangibles is of international interest and that EverEdge is well placed to support clients across Europe.

Due to the significant demand in the US market we are very pleased to announce that
David Magee has joined EverEdge as CEO of North America. David leads a team of intangible assets specialists based in Los Angeles and the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. Prior to joining EverEdge David held senior positions in UBS and consulted to the investment advisory and private equity industries.


Since we opened our Sydney office in September we’ve have already been busy working with listed and unlisted Australian clients and establishing relationships with organisations in both the private and public sectors.We can already report strong demand for EverEdge’s services and a recognition of the importance of strategic advice on identifying, managing and creating value from intangible assets
such as data, content, code, brand, know how and inventions.
US patent system in crisis

Abraham Lincoln once called the patent system one of the three greatest advances in human history, along with the discovery of America and the printing press.  

Yvonne D’Arcy wins fight to have BRCA1 patent bid rejected

While Yvonne D’Arcy may never have realised her dream of becoming a doctor, her significant contribution to the medical world will leave a legacy for generations to come.

What price employee loyalty?

More than one-third of staff would sell their company’s valuable intellectual property for between £1,000 and £10,000.

Flow Hive sets new crowdfunding record on Indiegogo
 Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo has been abuzz about the Flow Hive, an invention that aims to help beekeepers better harvest honey.

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